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Last Post 29 Aug 2019 11:34 AM by  Mitch Thomas
Tribe Softball Tryouts 12u 14u and 16u
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Mitch Thomas

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New Member

29 Aug 2019 11:34 AM
    Tribe Softball is looking to round out its rosters for the following age groups. 12u Azevedo, 14u Koonce, 16u Saey and 16u Thomas. We have reduced cost to fit the team budgets and level of play. We also have included features such as partnerships with Blast Motion, Sports Recruits, and other small vendors. We are excited to bring a higher level of training and learning to youth sports. 16u Thomas will have some travel and will plan to travel to Oxford MS in the summer. Please see the following positions needed for each team.

    12u - Catcher and Pitcher
    14u - Koonce - Pitcher and Catcher
    16u Saey - 2 Pitchers are needed and SS
    16u Thomas - Catcher and Speedy CF

    If you have interest in learning more about our teams please reach out to Mitch Thomas softball director. [email protected]
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