Banner Program

KAA has established a Banner Program to help with fundamental repairs and infrastructure work to remain competitive with other associations.  KAA has over one mile of fencing throughout the park. Much of the fencing has excellent sight lines for traffic up and down both Marshall Road and Tree Court Industrial Drive. This fencing is also seen by the over 400 teams that play league and tournament games throughout the spring, summer, and fall.

  • This Program Allows teams to sell advertising in 3' x 5' size and split the revenue with KAA.
  • A contract will accompany each banner, this contract is a tax deductible expense for a business or considered a charitable donation to KAA which is a 501-C, non for profit organization.
  • Banners will be hung in late April and removed in November.  
KAA Advertising Agreement                   KAA  Advertising Program