Facility Reminder

Managers and Coaches, please remind your players and their families that there is NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK (with the exception of team water) allowed in the park. Also, NO PETS, SCOOTERS, BIKES, SKATESBOARDS OR SKATES ARE ALLOWED IN THE PARK. Thank you for your cooperation.

Outdoor/Indoor facilities such as baseball, softball, soccer fields, and basketball courts by their design and use have inherent hazards such as, but not limited to: 

  • Uneven and variable walking surfaces, seating, and standing areas and bleachers that vary by design, construction, and condition.
  • Risks of injury from colliding with other persons, slipping, or falling on walking surfaces, bleachers, and stairways, and tripping over unknown objects which other persons may have left or discarded on the premises.
  • Risk of injury from wayward flying objects that may be thrown or struck such as balls, bats, gloves, and other items that may not be reasonably foreseeable.
  • Players, coaches, team personnel, and spectators may damage the premises or create hazards at any time without the knowledge of Kirkwood Sports Association d/b/a Kirkwood Athletic Association hereinafter called KAA.

This list of risks is not and cannot be all inclusive. There may be other risks that can injure you. Players, coaches, team personnel, and spectators should always pay attention to the action at hand and be alert for objects headed their way and should listen to public announcements regarding safety during the event. 
Players, coaches, team personnel, and spectators are responsible for their own safety while on these premises. If you do not wish to assume the risk of harm while attending a sporting event conducted by KAA, then do not enter this facility. KAA and the owners of this facility won't be responsible if a player, coach, team personnel, or spectator is injured at a sporting event at this facility. 

Volunteer Your Time

We are a non for profit organization and all donations are tax deductible. We also understand that many people given the current economy cannot afford to make a financial donation, if you possess a skill that you believe could benefit our park and are willing to donate your time and talents we would welcome your contribution. Please contact the office at 314-822-3686.

Parking Information

Parking on the grass in Greentree Park across from KAA will no longer be permitted by the City of Kirkwood. Vehicles parked in this area will be ticketed and/or towed. We would encourage you to park in the paved parking that is available in the Greentree Park Area.

We are no longer allowed to park at the Family Golf Center. Vehicles parked there will be ticketed and/or towed there as well.


Insurance Information

Did you know that with your team registration you receive a secondary medical insurance coverage for all players on your roster! It is important that your roster be turned in prior to the start of the season. Click Here for additional information about your coverage.

Attention Criminals

Kirkwood Athletic Association reserves the right to remove anyone from its property at anytime. Any person who has been convicted of a sex crime or a crime against a child is not welcome on the property of Kirkwood Athletic Association under any circumstances. Anyone found to be in violation of this policy will be removed by the police from our property and charged with trespassing.