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Last Post 04 Jan 2022 06:22 PM by  Heather Douglas
Jeffco Xpress 06 seeks Catcher for 2022 Season
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Heather Douglas

New Member

New Member

04 Jan 2022 06:22 PM
    Jeffco Xpress 06 (16 U) is looking for 05, 06, or 07 Skilled Catcher.

    This is a successful team with a proven track record and deep pitching depth.

    We play to win and are seeking a skilled catcher as our last needed piece.

    We have an indoor facility avaliable to us 2-3 times per week and our own fields with lights in Festus.

    We play a diverse schedule of 16O and A & B tournaments through USSSA, NSA, USA & PG. Last season we faced 39 different teams.

    Spring/Summer 2021 Record Highlights:
    - 2nd in the NSA Central World Series
    - 2nd in USA STL Metro Championship
    - 2nd in USSSA 7 in the Spring
    - 1st in the NSA Sunset Showdown
    - Our team finished in the top 4 teams in 8 of our 10 playable tournaments.
    - Our 2021 Spring/Summer record was 37-16.

    Please contact Coach Andrew Feeler at (636)675-6887 for inquiries.
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