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Last Post 07 Apr 2021 04:00 PM by  Adidas Athletics
Adidas A's looking for 9u Player!
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Adidas Athletics

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New Member

07 Apr 2021 04:00 PM
    The Adidas A’s (www.AdidasAthletics.org) are in need of a 9u player. The program is designed to be player centric with our top priority being development. Our coaches are hired at every age (no dad coaches) with nearly all having college or pro experience.

    We prioritize practice as being as important as games for the sake of our players development. Teams are mostly AAA/Major although some youth teams and a couple high school teams are AA.

    Apply through our website (www.AdidasAthletics.org) or email me directly at Herrin@AdidasAthletics.org
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