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Last Post 25 Feb 2021 03:10 PM by  St Louis Redbirds
STL Nike Redbirds (Open Roster Spots)
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St Louis Redbirds

New Member

New Member

25 Feb 2021 03:10 PM
    The STL Nike Redbirds still have a few open spots for the upcoming season. We are entering our 34th year of baseball in the St Louis area and have teams at every age group from 7u-18u for the 2021 season. All players participate in a three month winter training program along with full spring/summer schedule.


    16u: 3 Spots
    14u: 1 Spot
    13u: 1 Spot
    10u: 1 Spot

    To learn more about your age group and to sign up for a tryout please visit stlouisredbirds.com and complete a prospective player form.
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