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Last Post 30 Jun 2020 11:52 PM by  St Louis Redbirds
STL Nike Redbirds (2021 Tryouts)
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St Louis Redbirds

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New Member

30 Jun 2020 11:52 PM
    STL Nike Redbirds will be having tryouts for 2021 season over the next couple months. We will be entering our 34th year of baseball in the St Louis metro area and have multiple teams/skill levels at most age groups. Players participate in fall ball (optional), 3 month winter training program at our indoor facility (314 Training Academy), and an action packed spring/summer season. Teams are forming for High School (18u-15u) & Youth Teams (14u-8u), to learn more about your age group visit stlouisredbirds.com and complete a prospective player form.
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