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Last Post 23 May 2019 11:29 PM by  Joseph Dyer
Webster Dragons Open Tryouts 11U Summer | Fall
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Joseph Dyer

New Member

New Member

23 May 2019 11:29 PM
    We are putting together another summer and fall baseball team for 2019 and I want to invite your player to come tryout. Our schedule for this team will include weekly field practice, weekly batting cage practice and individual pitcher/catcher training starting in June and ending in October. We will participate in 4 local tournaments, travel for 1 tournament and compete in a Fall League at Ballwin Athletic Association.

    Tryouts will be on June 1st and June 15th at Brentwood Park, 63144. I understand that the spring season is in full swing and everyone is busy so let me know if you can not make either date, happy to work something out. We are interested in taking the best talent, but more importantly we want to take the best 11-12 players that show a desire to compete.

    Please sign up your player on our website at http://websterdragons.com/tryouts
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