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Last Post 05 Jun 2018 02:22 PM by  Tim Gurnow
Elite Catching Development
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Tim Gurnow

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New Member

05 Jun 2018 02:22 PM

    Starting my Elite Catching Development Class at The Practice Factory located at 11133 Lindbergh Business Ct in St. Louis. Open to baseball and softball catchers of all ages. Cost is $180 for a one month membership of lessons 2 times a week. I am also available for hitting lessons. Feel free to contact me by email at tgurnow@recruitsbaseball.com.

    Individualized throwing program designed to build arm strength, prevent injury, and create a mechanically sound arm action
    Develop proper footwork to lower pop times, increase throwing accuracy, and create more outs
    Learn proper receiving and framing techniques to earn more strike calls
    Improve blocking fundamentals
    Increase mobility, flexibility, and endurance
    Learn the mental side of catching
    For both Softball and Baseball catchers of all ages
    $180 monthly membership includes two, one-hour long, training sessions per week.

    The class setting may include working with multiple catchers at once. For individual lessons prices are $45 for half an hour $80 for a full hour.
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