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Last Post 29 Aug 2017 12:21 PM by  Matt Gunnar
11U Rawlings Xtreme Looking For Players
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Matt Gunnar

New Member

New Member

29 Aug 2017 12:21 PM
    Our 11U Rawlings Xtreme team is looking for Fall and/or Spring players. We are currently playing in Fall league @ Chesterfield. Anyone interested can call, PM, text, or just show up to one of our practice and I'll have the pleasure of taking a look at your player. This fall we have 5 league games left as well as two tournaments. Spring 2018 we will play roughly 50-60 games. League in Chesterfield, 6-8 local tournaments and one travel tournament. We practice Monday nights at Community Park in St. Peter's @6pm.

    Matt Gunnar

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