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Last Post 02 Aug 2017 04:06 PM by  Bill Berhorst
St. Louis Fire Club Expanding
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Bill Berhorst

New Member

New Member

02 Aug 2017 04:06 PM
    The St Louis Fire Baseball Club is looking to expand with more teams. We have our own practice facilities in the Arnold area and try to keep your parent cost down. Our club goal is to prepare kids for high school baseball. We have discounted hitting, catching, pitching and strength training available for teams in the club.

    Take advantage of our connections to get discounts on tournaments, uniforms, and apparel.

    If you have an existing team feel free to bring the whole team over or give us a call if you need help in filling your team. We are looking especially for 9U and younger with new leaders to help us keep rolling along.

    contact Bill Berhorst
    bobomagic32@gmail.com for more information or call 3149563064
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