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Kirkwood Athletic Association is a private non for profit organization that has been serving children in Kirkwood and surrounding communities since 1960. We offer youth baseball and youth fastpitch softball at our beautiful and well-run facility in Kirkwood, MO.


  1. Park update

    Tuesday, May 23, 2017

    Coaches & Parents,

    This is a reminder that, weather permitting, we WILL be playing in the park again beginning tomorrow (Tuesday) night, 5/23.  Softball and baseball teams should have already been provided with instructions for getting missed games rescheduled.  Some softball teams will be offered the opportunity to make-up games at Meramec.  If offered, I encourage your team to take advantage of it, as not only is the field top notch, but it's cool to play on a collegiate field.

    A few other reminders/notices as we get ready to resume play:

    -IF YOU ARE SCHEDULED TO PLAY ON FIELD #1 IN THE NEXT COUPLE OF WEEKS please note that due to "astroturf" issues (yes there is astroturf from the '70's under that infield!), FIELD #1 IS STILL CLOSED.  Therefore, games scheduled for Tuesday night, and beyond, are canceled for the time being.  We are hoping to have that field up and playing in a few days.  Please contact your division supervisor to reschedule those games as you are for "flood" games.

    -We will have a combination of restrooms and porta-potties to start with.  The restrooms between fields 1 & 2 will be designated one for women and one for men until we get the restrooms in the office building open.  Speaking of which....the restrooms in the office building are closed for now due to flood damage to the building itself.

    -WE WILL HAVE CONCESSIONS FOR SALE.  Right now, it looks like we will be using some of the space between the concession building and the restroom building for selling food/beverage.  We likely won't have everything we sell out of the stand proper, but we'll have most of it. Therefore, STILL NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR BEVERAGE BROUGHT INTO THE PARK PLEASE, except for player hydration. The first person who gets caught with something not purchased at KAA  and tries to explain that he/she assumed the rule was waived because of the flood, or didn't see a sign prohibiting it, will be publicly flogged on field 1 with a wet noodle!

    -SAME FOR NO SMOKING.  Most of our No Outside Food/Beverage & No Smoking signs were swept away in the flood, and have yet to be replaced but, WE ALL KNOW THE RULES EVEN WITHOUT THE SIGNS!

    -No pets also unless they are trained to remove debris from the fences! And if you claim they are, they will be put to work.

     On a happier note, I'd like to thank our field crew for working so hard to get the park ready in record time.  If you see one of them working in the park please thank them. Many people thought we were done for the season, or closing up completely, nothing could be further from the truth!

    I'd also like to thank our board for working equally hard to get at least part of the Spring Fling softball tournament played this past weekend.  Even though we weren't able to play in Columbia, IL, we did get every game scheduled for Sullivan, MO, played and that was great to see.

    Lastly, I'd like to thank all of you.  We haven't had one team ask for a refund and that reflects your dedication to KAA and your players. 

    See you at the park!

    Eric Eickmeyer, KAA President

  2. Rainout hotline

    Wednesday, May 03, 2017
    Coaches: our rainout line is now up and running. You can use this as your source for updates on park status. Parents: please continue to use our facebook page or website for updates.
  3. Another Record Flood

    Monday, May 01, 2017
    Dear KAA Parents & Friends,

    By now you've likely heard that the park is under water again, just as it was in late 2015/early 2016.  However, as I type this, the water is receding and we are making plans to get back in the park either Monday May 8th or Tuesday May 9th at the latest to begin clean up. 

    As I said shortly after the 2015/2016 flood, let me make one thing abundantly clear: KAA WILL PLAY SOFTBALL AND BASEBALL IN THE SPRING/SUMMER 2017 SEASON.

    While we may have to utilize porta-pottys and BBQ grills, we will have the park open just as quickly as we can--and sooner rather than later.  The KAA executive board has been working with both the baseball and softball coordinators to determine the proper course of action to make sure EVERY team that wants to, will get a full season of league games in.  The coordinators will be sending out more information in that regard in the days ahead. 

    As our phone lines are currently inoperative, please check this website and our Facebook page for updates. Gretchen can still be reached through our website, if the need arises. While flooding is an unfortunate fact of life for the KAA, all our history in dealing with floods means our people have unmatched experience in recovering from floods in the fastest manner possible--and this recovery will be no exception.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding,

    Eric K. Eickmeyer
    Kirkwood Athletic Association
  4. Baseball Rainout Rescheduling Update

    Saturday, April 22, 2017

    Baseball games rained out on:

    • Monday, March 27th are being played on Monday, July 10th
    • Tuesday, March 28th are being played on Tuesday, July 11th
    • Wednesday, March 29th are being played on Friday, July 14th
    • April 3rd, 4th and 10th games are now scheduled on April 29th beginning at 9am
    • April 14th games have been scheduled on April 30th

    Times are posted on the schedules for these games. Manager's need to contact their divisional coordinators regarding conflicts in rainout makeup dates.

    read more ...

    Friday, January 06, 2017
    KAA Field Crew is now hiring for the 2017 spring/summer season.  Must be available to work evenings and weekends.  Must be 16 years of age.  Starting pay is $9/hr.  Interested parties can contact Mike at 314-267-8426.

    Wednesday, January 04, 2017
    Kirkwood Athletic Association is now hiring concession stand workers for the 2017 spring/summer season.  Applicants must be 16 years of age and have an outgoing personality.  No experience necessary!  Hours of operation are Monday thru Friday evenings beginning at 5pm and Saturday and Sunday's all day.  Workers must have a hepatitis A immunization record.  Contact Dolly Watson at 314-974-3305 if interested in applying.

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